Reminder: Take Care of You


This is the point in the year when a large majority of adult caregivers come to the conclusion that Mom, Dad, or Aunt Jean just can’t live alone anymore.  The holiday travel and family visits have perked our senses to all the things that we’ve been missing during the rest of the year.  January has set in now.  We are back home.  We have uninterrupted time for our thoughts and worries.  And…we start considering our options.

Those options and decisions start us down a road that consumes an awful lot of time focusing on people other than ourselves.  It makes it easy to make poor choices in diet.  We skip exercise.   We stress.   We rush.  Before we know it, we are burned out and Mom or Dad still don’t have the right help to live a healthy and safe life.  The long standing cliche applies:  If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others.

Our partners over at have a whole host of articles and ideas focused on caregiver health.  Among their selections are a number of support groups for caregivers loving aging parents and encountering illnesses for the first time.  You can find those groups right here.  Here’s hoping that they help you take care of you.

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